“Marion cooks incredibly delicious healthy food with LOVE! The first time I met Marion, over ten years ago, she was cooking for a yoga retreat and I was instantly entranced by her homemade honey, jams, and scones and was even further enraptured by her famously decadent chocolate mousse.

Since then, I’ve watched Marion create alchemy in the kitchen, combining her flair for gathering the best, farm fresh ingredients, her uncanny sense of adding just the right ingredients- often without measuring, with her beautiful bright spirit and passion for cooking.

I knew, as soon I was engaged, that I wanted Marion to cater my wedding and I was so delighted when she agreed! She went above and beyond (as she always does) with a weekend of beautiful, abundant meals for a 120! My guests still rave about her food three years later!

Marion and her cooking are loved everywhere- especially at her guest chef weekends at Wilber. I’ve assisted her on several weekends just to learn more about how she works her magic in the kitchen. I’ve learned many secrets about her amazing curries, frittatas, soups (tortilla is my favorite) scones, gallettes and chocolate cakes. I’ve also learned that cooking good whole food is indeed a labor of love. Marion does not cut corners- I’ve witnessed her work tirelessly from dawn till late at night- all the while with her wonderful laugh and a contagious smile. Marion is a true delight and her food exquisitely scrumptious!”
-Amanda Basler
Valentine day love icons

“Thank you Marion for making our special day very special. with your amazing food and the wonderful combination of  dishes and glasses. The cake was our universe, which you combined in the layers of fascinating flavors.”
-Artur PlatzekValentine day love icons

“Thank you for the delicious meals over this past weekend.  Words cannot express how happy and absolutely joyous I felt experiencing the meals you had prepared. Thank you.”
-Mathew SurpicoValentine day love icons

“It’s been a delicious joy having Marion prepare meals that we can eat immediately or freeze for future use. In fact, we always have her meals on hand and we’ve grown to consider them a welcome part of our life. Not only is her food very well prepared (I am a good cook and we both know good food) but her concern for fresh, organic and local produce is also important to us. We have our own garden and grown fresh organic produce ourselves so it was wonderful to have Marion attend to our garden one summer when we were traveling and I got a feel for her loving and attentive relationship not just with food preparation but with the plants themselves. I highly recommend her.”
-Bill and Gloria Kastenberg